Exporting To Qatar

By | 31st January 2018

Exporting To Qatar

Exporting To Qatar A Brief Overview

For those companies whom are looking to start shipping to Qatar, we have compiled a brief guide on doing business in Qatar and how you can be successful when exporting to Qatar.

Qatar As A Country

Although quite a small country, Qatar is one of the richest in the world, with a high GDP per head. This trade lane offers UK businesses huge potential, with many opportunities available for exporting to Qatar.

The country is well known for being involved in the production of oil and gas and whilst this is a huge market for the country, prices do fluctuate and therefore over recent times the country has started diversifying into different industry sectors.

Exporting To Qatar The Benefits

Many reasons exist for businesses to consider Qatar as a new international trade partner. The benefits include;

  • English is spoken
  • The UK and Qatar have long standing historical ties
  • The government in Qatar are spending significant amounts of money on developing infrastructure and transport within the country, along with medical, healthcare and education.

Exporting To Qatar – What Are The Risks?

It is important that businesses have a signed contract prior to commencing work with a Qatari business. The country of Qatar is a very competitive market and therefore you will need to check your pricing.

Some trade sectors are restricted to foreign business and there can also be a fair bit of bureaucracy too. Payment delays can also be a challenge, along with transparency with business deals in certain sectors, especially those which involve procurement for the government.


When it comes to exporting to Qatar, there is great potential in developing a strong business relationship with new overseas customers. We would highly recommend that you undertake research on documentary requirements, such as Letters of Credit, Certificate’s of Origin and other export documentation that is mandatory at destination. Your freight forwarder or pallet delivery company should be able to guide you on this, but it is paramount to ensure that the correct documents are in place for exporting to Qatar, before any goods depart. If incomplete documents or missing documents are discovered once the goods arrive at destination, this can lead to hefty fines and/or confiscation or the return of any exported goods.